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Hello Sea Goddess,


My name is  Angelia Santiago. I am the creator of Angels of Seas. My journey into spirituality began before I really knew what it was and the language describing what I was experiencing. I've been intuitive since I could remember, and it was kind of second nature to me.

Through many initiations in life experiences, I continued to uncover and grow my connection to Spirit and it's gifts. It is through this intimate relationship with my guides, ancestors and Spirit I was able to cultivate my spiritual practice and capabilities. Evolving endlessly in this practice and connection, I found my purpose and call to service.

Now older and wiser I see what it really means to love myself: to keep and uphold strong boundaries for myself and others, to have integrity and passion in everything I do, and continue to be curious enough to learn life's lessons through people and things with a light, loving and compassionate heart. It is for that reason, that through rediscovering my grit and warrior-like feminine nature, that I wish to serve other empaths to find the true meaning of who they are and answer the call that has always been burning inside of them! Through my Spiritual Life Coaching and intuition in Angels of Seas, I intend to just that, and my coven is open to all who seek answers, wisdom and belonging with themselves. I hope to hear from you soon, many blessings! 


Con Mucho Amor Y Cariño (With  Much Love and Affection),

Angelia Santiago    XOXO

~Empath ~Intuitive ~Reiki Master ~Bruja (Witch) ~Spiritual Life Coach ~Starseed ~Plant, Book, Crystal & Tea Enthusiast

~ Oracle & Tarot Card Collector ~Lover of the Old Arts ~Goddess & Ancestor In Training!

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